Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Bizzy, Bizzy, Fun Dayz!

Reese woke up at 5:00 this morning, bright eyed and definitely not falling back to sleep. So when I realized I couldn't fight it and this was it, the day had begun, I had one of the most special times with my baby girl. It was still dark in the house, quiet and she let me hold her for a straight 45 minutes. She was so content, rubbing my face and giving me those priceless little smiles. It was a blessing... a morning I will never forget. I have learned to cherish these moments as both the girls have Birthday's in a few weeks. Emerson 4 and Reese already a year old! I was able to spend valuable time praying over these precious lives that God has trusted Anson and I with and it made me realize how much more time I should spend doing this. What a great start to the day and it's my mom's Birthday... a Godly woman who I know prayed over her children and I am so thankful!
my parents and all of their grandkids

We had the honor of pastor Dave Rolph dedicating Reese to the Lord last month! We are so blessed to sit under his teaching every week and this was another blessing. With that, we had lots of family come visit. My sister, Shannon, and the girls, Devin and Shelby, were out from Colorado and Anson's mom, Grammie, was down from Oregon. And right after that we got a visit from Anson's grandparents... wow!
Following the service we had a fun time at the park, but I still can't believe I didn't get a better picture of Reese in her yellow dress... ummm Shelly, I see a photo shoot coming!

I have to brag a second about this past weekend! Friday night was Phil Wickham, Leeland and Matt Mahr while the girls stayed the night with Grandma and Papa... Saturday we celebrated Erica Neumann's Masters in education graduation followed by a coffee shop gig and of course a wonderful Mothers Day on Sunday. The last few photos are of all that. I just loved Emme and Olivia hiding in the curtains and Reese was oooohing over all the yummy eats on the table at the Neumann's. Diana & Matt came down to It's a Grind too and shared their talents!

I'm hoping to get my act together and blog more often. Everyday I have conversations with Emerson and I think, "this would make a great blog!" Like right now she said, "mom, did you hear Regis and Kelly say snails are delicious? That is ridiculous! They would be all squirmy in your mouth and they would cry! I would never do that". Or I could spend an entire paragraph on our conversation yesterday when she got ready for a pretend date...bows, rings, purse, heels on. So, I decide to play along and said, "have fun, be home by 7:00"... and this began an actual argument about why she can't stay out later. I looked at Anson with terror... are we seriously already having this discussion at almost 4 years old about a pretend curfew?! Pray for us friends... more entertainment to come!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Time Flies

...when you are having fun!

As I started scrolling through the photos, to finally update our family blog, I realized just how much has happened in the last few months. So, here I am doing a quick run through of all the fun and festivities, our lives, the praise reports and the prayer requests.

I had my 31st birthday, Emerson's 2 best friends turned 4... which is just the end of the world as she sees it. She has to wait until June and "3 is boring!". Reese became mobile and I became stressed. I now have the daunting task of keeping Reese away from the lamp cord and the fire place. It has been great seeing how she and Emme actually play together now. I think Emerson will forever be Reese's hero... I can see it already.

Anson and I are extremely blessed to be getting more involved at Calvary Chapel Pacific Hills and to sit under the leadership of Dave Rolph. Anson has been playing with and leading the worship team, along with helping out in the Junior High ministry. We have made some really great friends and connected with families that have kids the same age as ours... such a blessing! Emerson now gets to see her best friends all the time and accepted her first marriage proposal. Anson and I can't believe the conversations we have already had to have with our 3 1/2 year old going on 15! We are excited to be starting small groups this coming week where we are expectant to make more lasting relationships with others who love the Lord and want to learn more about Him. It will be a great time to gain perspective mid week while the girls get some quality time with Grandma & Papa.

We have had so much to praise our King for and are continuing in prayer for other things such as my ongoing allergy problems and work for my dad.

Here are some of our favorite photos...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Christmas...

Merry Christmas! A little late, I know. I guess I should say, I hope you all had a very special Christmas with friends, family & worship of our Savior.

We had a very fun filled season of celebrating. This is kinda just a picture blog since I tried to capture a little something from all the things we did. It was such a blessing to go to tree lightings, cookie parties, Christmas movie parties, party parties, church programs, Disneyland and have dinners with people we love. We got an extra special treat of being surprised with the 12 days of Christmas on our front door step. Every morning was a thrill to see what had been left for us. We found out, on the 12th day, it was the Amazing Young family who completely spoiled us. I wish I had photos of all the creative and generous things they blessed us with. Emerson is at that really fun age where I think she really caught the excitement this year. We left cookies and milk out for Santa and I balled like a baby every time she sang her heart out at a church Christmas program. We live very blessed lives and all glory goes to our King who was
born in a stable. Praise Jesus!